Linux Networking

Serious networking without serious costs

Once your office grows beyond two or three computers, you need to start considering moving up to a server based network. Servers can enhance security, ease of backup and sharing of important files. The reasons most small businesses put off moving up to a server are cost and server administration. Server hardware is only part of the cost, server software is also expensive and can be tricky for a company without in-house IT staff to administer.

Linux is the answer

For several years linux has been proving itself both capable and cost effective. In contrast to Microsoft solutions, linux is both less expensive to buy and much less prone to failure and security breaches.

Linux comes from the Unix world where stability and reliability were must have items. A linux server can be a huge cost saving item, both in initial price, as well as in ongoing administration costs and time.

Linux plays well with Windows

One of the reasons many people are hesitant to adopt a linux server solution is the mistaken idea that they will have to convert over their entire office to linux. While this is possible, it is certainly not necessary. A properly configured linux server is indistinguishable from a windows server to other Windows machines on the network. There is no need to change any of the software you are currently using to use a linux server, but you get access to a whole world of open source software that runs only on linux, in addition to your windows software.

Linux just makes sense

When you look at the cost comparison below, you can see how linux provides a much lower cost per user for your business, and that says nothing of the long term cost savings of a stable secure system.

Compare This:

Microsoft Server using Small Business Server
SBS includes - Server 2003, Exchange Server, SQLServer, ISA Firewall, IIS Webserver, Outlook for each client, Admin tools
Microsoft SBS Premium - 5 Users
$ 989.00
5 CAL Pack
$ 439.00
1 Cal
$ 99.00
Total Cost 11 users
$ 1,527.00
Hardware Approx
$ 2,000.00
SBS Box complete (less install)
$ 3,527.00
Cost per additional user
$ 99.00


Clark Connect Linux Server
Clark Connect Office (unlimited Users)
$ 245.00
Clark Connect comes with Server, Apache webserver, Firewall, email, support, VPN services, external hack checking, security updates
Hardware Approx
$ 2,000.00
Total Clark Connect cost (less install)
$ 2,245.00
Cost per additional user
$ 0

The cost saving benefits are obvious. The stability benefits are priceless.

Call today to start your Linux savings

We save setup several small businesses with linux. We have the expertise and ability to set you up too. Our installers are Linux+ certified and ready to get you started today.


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